Venturing Forward

How can organizations venture forward to cultivate resilience and growth in the Next Economy?

A Next Economy is taking shape, shifting the operating environments for businesses rapidly and unpredictably. The accelerating march of technology remains a major driver, as it has in for the past few decades. Meanwhile, the now-palpable climate crisis compounds the uncertainty and volatility to unprecedented levels.

To thrive in the transition and beyond, we must not only succeed in adapting legacy. Corporate Venture Building has surged in recent years, empowering CXOs to rapidly reorient their organizations by launching disruptive new businesses tailor-made for the path ahead. The work isn’t easy, but fortunately, it’s not mysterious either. So, let’s venture forward!

Covered in this report: 

  • The steps to venturing in the Next economy

  • The four Principles of Venture Design

  • The story of one of Europe’s most successful healthtech ventures

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