Crossing the Cannabis Chasm

A study conducted by frog on the acceptance of cannabis legalization and usage in the United States, including insights and strategies for how the newly legal market can reach its full potential.

At frog, we have a long history of participating in category creation, but it’s a rare occurrence to see a previously prohibitive industry being (re)born for mass consumption, as is happening with the legalization of cannabis. Along with other classic strategy tools and frameworks, we believe design will be particularly relevant to how the newly legal cannabis market is formed.

Cannabis is a sensitive and restrained product, even with increased legalization across the United States. We believe that designers, product strategists and entrepreneurs can learn from the creative solutions that emerge out of these limitations, and ultimately apply those insights to other emerging markets and newly created categories.

Download the Report to learn more about:

  • Strategies for designing within new or emerging markets
  • Defining new use cases for consumer archetypes
  • Insights and findings from our primary and secondary research

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