Hacking Innovation

How to prototype your way to disruption—3 ways to bring your game-changing idea to market.

All game-changing innovations start out speculative. A key difference between a good and a great organization is how they encourage and support disruptive ideas. Think Spotify vs. Kodak. Departing from tradition can be scary—to push disruption through the uncertainty you’ll need the right approach. That approach is prototyping, using quick, low fidelity experiments.

We’re presenting you with a practical introduction to conducting experiments, how to make sense of the results and guidance on sidestepping the classic pitfalls of experimentation, citing our own client work. Hack innovation and try ‘faking it until you make it’ to discover if your idea can truly make a mark.

Download the report to learn how to test your disruptive idea for: 

  • Attractiveness in the market 
  • Users’ willingness to pay 
  • Your ability to deliver 

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