Independence and Aging

Getting older isn’t the problem. Losing Independence is.

The nearly 73 million US Baby Boomers currently exiting the workforce and aging into social security will seek to maximize their retirement experience, opening up the so-called “Longevity Economy.” As this demographic expects to live longer than any previous, the ability to maintain their independence will define the quality of their lives.

We imagine a future where physical and cognitive deterioration no longer means a loss of independence and the dignity that comes with it. We believe this massive demographic shift is a call to action to create new products and services that are designed to help people adapt to changing circumstances in order to maintain independence and continue to contribute meaningfully in their 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.

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  • Creating value within the “longevity economy”
  • Strategies for maintaining independence with age
  • Designing for the next generation of independent, tech-savvy seniors

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