From Reactive Healthcare to Proactive Wellness

Using Technology & Incentives to Shift the Conversation

Between emerging technology and pervasive patient data, healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceuticals have the tools to design for healthier patient behaviors. But seeing real results is a matter of bringing them together in a way that drives action and accountability.

The US is now facing increasingly high healthcare costs, the majority of which are due to preventable chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. We already know there is real value for providers and payers in encouraging the kinds of healthy behaviors that reduce risk of chronic disease. The question is now: How can we leverage biosensors, AI and applied data as tools to design for more dynamic patient and member engagement?

Download the Report to learn more about:

  • How chronic conditions are destabilization of the American healthcare industry 
  • The shifting outlook of healthcare from reactive to proactive
  • Provocations for value-based solutions
  • Designing a better future for healthcare

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