The Future of Travel

Takeoffs & Landings & Robots: 5 opportunity areas impacting how, where and why we travel

The future of travel will be more sustainable, localized and wellness-oriented than ever before. It will be a chance for travelers to slow down, look around at where they are and focus on themselves. 

In this report, frog dives into five key opportunity areas that are reshaping travel:

automation, a wellness-driven focus on tranquility, sustainability, loyalty disruption and the rise of the digital nomad.

Each of these five areas are backed up by human-focused studies and real-world, on the ground examples of travel and hospitality organizations diving into these areas with results that will provoke, challenge and inspire. 

Covered in this Report:  

  • 5 major opportunity areas redefining travel as we know it 

  • Provocations for what the future of travel and hospitality could be 

  • Real-world examples of key opportunity areas in action