What’s in Store for Brick-and-Mortar?

Reimagine retail spaces as brand destinations with 6 future-proof archetypes. 

The world of physical retail is evolving beyond transactions. Over the years to come, consumers will continue to move away from the fixed, one-way offerings of traditional retail, instead gravitating towards elevated in-store experiences at next-gen brand destinations.

In this report, frog identifies and explores six archetypes for the in-store retail experience—from IRL expertise in the showroom to oasis-driven escapes that deepen brand connections. The opportunities for the store of tomorrow will be radically different compared to what we know today. This shift will require preparation accordingly.

Covered in this report: 

  • New developments shaping the future of physical retail 

  • The 6 archetypes that will define the store of tomorrow 

  • IRL examples of these archetypes being put into practice 

  • The Store Archetypes of the Future quiz

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