Waves of Personalization

Discover the coming waves of personalization and the resulting Relevancy Inflation.

Customer satisfaction has taken an upswing in recent years. Companies embraced the data-sharing model of business. This gave them new product and service insights that brought them closer to their customers. As a result, organizations rode the waves of personalization for decades. But soon, a flood of tailored message weakened the resonance of personalized efforts, a phenomenon known as Relevancy Inflation. Each new wave was increasingly difficult to surf. And now, the tide is once again rising.

In this point of view, we provide expert perspectives for CMOs and marketing leaders. Organizations that continue to treat customers as a generic group risk getting swallowed by the seas of irrelevancy. To help them navigate the Waves of Personalization now on the horizon, we examine Attention-as-a-Currency and bot-to-bot personalization. This is how we empower business leaders and ensure their organizations thrive for years to come.

Covered in this PoV:

  • The Wave of Trust
  • The Wave of Authenticity
  • The Wave of Attention-as-a-Currency
  • Expert Perspectives
  • frog’s Capabilities

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